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Fiber coupled semiconductor laser
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Laser processing can be divided into two categories: laser thermal processing and photochemical reaction processing. Laser refers to the use of the thermal effect generated by the laser beam projected on the surface of the material to complete the processing process.

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With the trend of increasingly thin and precise electronic products, laser cutting as a non-contact process has played a significant role: effectively eliminating micro-cracks and chipping problems, eliminating residual stress on glass, enhancing edge strength and aesthetics, improving efficiency and outstanding impact resistance.
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Compared with traditional solid-state lasers, thulium-doped fiber lasers have the advantages of high photoelectric conversion efficiency, high stability, good beam quality, lightness and ease of integration, and are an important direction for the development of medical lasers in the future.
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Laser hair removal
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Modern optics is based on the development of lasers. The invention of lasers is a revolutionary milestone in the history of optics development. It plays an increasingly important role in people's production and life. It helps people understand nature, transform nature and improve labor. Productivity provides strong technological support.
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Laser is a new type of light source, which has the characteristics of high brightness, strong directionality, good monochromaticity and strong coherence. Using lasers to efficiently transmit information
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近日,半导体激光元器件行业的隐形冠军星汉激光(Xinghan Laser)与中国首家商用脉宽可调高功率光纤激光器生产制造商杰普特(JPT)达成战略合作。

About Xinghan laser

Shenzhen Xinghan Laser is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of high-power semiconductor laser chips and components. Its products are mainly used in the fields of industrial laser pumping, laserscientific research, biological laser medicine, laser display and laser radar. Xinghan laser has always been taking the success of customers as its own responsibility and the struggle as the fundamental. It has continued to innovate in science and technology and continuously developed world leading semiconductor laser products with extreme cost performanc. By the spring of 2022, Xinghan laser has more than 600 employees, including 6 doctors, more than 20 graduate students, more than 40 undergraduate students, 5 certified public accountants, more than 100 R & D personnel, more than 160 technical and management personnel of all kinds. The average age of the core team is 31 years old, and the disabled employees of the manufacturing line account for 7%. The core team of Xinghan laser has been deeply cultivated in well-known laser foreign-funded enterprises in Europe and America for many years, has rich experience in technology research and development, operation management and marketing, and has applied for and obtained more than 120 patents.

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