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What is laser processing?
Laser classification
What is the difference between 915nm and 976nm products?
Laser processing is to use a high-intensity laser beam, after being focused by an optical system, to process the workpiece through the relative movement of the laser beam and the workpiece to be processed, and to achieve a process of drilling, cutting, welding, cladding, etc. technology. Compared with traditional processing technology, laser processing has the advantages of wide applicable objects, small material deformation, high processing precision, low energy consumption, low pollution, non-contact processing, automatic processing, etc., and has become a new type of manufacturing technology and means.
(1) According to the gain medium: including gas, liquid, and solid, the gain medium determines the laser wavelength, output power and application field. The representative gas is CO2 gas laser, and the representative solid includes ruby laser, semiconductor laser and fiber laser. (2) According to the output power: low power (0~100W); medium power (100~1500W); high power (above 1500W); (3) According to the output wavelength: it can be divided into infrared laser, visible light laser, ultraviolet laser and deep ultraviolet laser. Substances with different structures can absorb different wavelengths of light; (4) According to the working mode; it can be divided into continuous laser and pulsed laser.
976nm is more efficient 915nm: The electro-optical conversion efficiency is about 30% - the loss of light-to-optical conversion (converted to 1070nm) is 14.5%; 976nm: The electro-optical conversion efficiency is about 42% - the loss of light-to-optical conversion (converted to 1070nm) is 8.8%; Laser energy conversion goes through the following three stages, with energy loss and temperature change: (1) 220v/380v electricity is converted from power supply to low voltage to drive the pump source; (2) Electric-optical conversion of the pump source to generate pump light; (3) The pump light is amplified by the resonator gain and then outputs the laser; The temperature change will affect the absorption of the pump light by the ytterbium-doped fiber, reducing the working efficiency, and the unabsorbed pump light will cause damage to other components in the optical path; With the gradual increase of fiber laser power, heat control is particularly important. Taking effective measures to dynamically control the internal heat of the laser and suppress the generation of thermal effects has become the key factor for the stable operation of the 976nm pump laser.
Focus on Fiber Laser Pump
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